Mike Leventhal

Co-Founder & Managing Editor
Bader Group, LLC

More than 38 years experience developing and executing integrated strategic global broadcast news and web magazine communications campaigns for corporations, government agencies, non-profits & foundations, the IOC, the United Nations, international advocacy groups and socially responsible companies.

Mike Leventhal
Jay-Z & Mike Leventhal

An accomplished practitioner and expert in designing and driving multifaceted broadcast news and web campaigns to raise awareness, elevate brand reputation, change behavior and perception, influence public policy and advance social causes.

An expert at managing complex issues, contracts, situations and engaging the stakeholders on a variety of topics ranging from agreements, celebrity appearances, large scale events to environmental preservation and sustainable mobility.

Professional Specialties

C-Suite image & public appearance perception, social marketing, corporate social responsibility, cause related marketing, community outreach, coalition building, stakeholder engagement, strategic partnerships, brand message development, broadcast media training, diversity outreach, persuasive writing, global communications strategy and client account management.

Notable Milestones

  • Lead Bader TV team as the only invited TV news organization to cover the first ever Hegra Nobel Laureates Conference providing international coverage from Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Mike Leventhal in Saudi Arabia
  • NYS Emmy Nominated for four (4) PBS arts and culture stories for PBS ALL ARTS Channel in 2023
  • Bader TV is an authorized U.S. government video vendor
  • Bader TV is an authorized United Nations global video vendor 
  • Leading production team producing three (3) programs for four years straight covering the environment for the Discovery Channel, the Discovery Science Channel, Motor Trend TV and Animal Planet working with multimillion dollar budgets and Hollywood talent
  • Lead Bader TV team for live international coverage from the 9-11 World Trade Attacks 


Mike Leventhal oversees the weekly feature series produced for the PBS All Arts channel and its associated social media platforms – featuring current events in arts and culture, entertainment, lifestyle, music and fashion in NYC. Produced by the Bader Media Group, for more than thirty-eight years discovering and exploring the richness of the arts.

Please take a look at recent segments:  https://bit.ly/2v1Nlml

A complete vision and production enhancement for NYC VIBE, the popular social media channel that NYC broadcasters, news & lifestyle magazine sites and the general public have enjoyed covering the heartbeat of New York City’s cultural, entertainment, arts, music and stage life.

Please take a look at recent segments:     https://bit.ly/3jEbEOU 

Bader Media is also a United States Government authorized vendor (SAM) responding to RFQs and calls from various agencies throughout the day.

Bader Media is also a longtime United Nations authorized video news vendor focusing on specific world crisis hot spots due to the refugee movement across Europe and North Africa, famine, disease, women empowerment issues and African border wars. Bader Media camera and field teams are covering these happenings and sharing the videos with the world to highlight the UN’s concerns demonstrating what is being done on the humanitarian level.